Latest 'Justice League' Update: How The New Batman Can Beat Superman

Justice League will soon be out by the last quarter of 2017, and with comparisons to the Batman Comics, it is indeed worth talking about. The latest issue of Batman Comics features one of the most popular superhero brawls.

The story starts with Gotham running through the streets of Gotham City, as he has lost his mind due to the dissatisfaction that he received from the Psycho Pirate. This puts Alfred Pennyworth as a very likely superhero to stand against this growing threat.

Alfred worked his way to distract Gotham, enabling Batman to plan an attack to put an end to the life of Gotham. With this, Batman is motivated to pursue the assistance of the Justice League. However, the powers of the entire Justice League aren't enough to beat Gotham.

It is soon discovered that Gotham and Gotham Girl become stronger and stronger, even reaching god-like status, by sacrificing their life span. This is the main reason why Gotham can easily beat the Justice League, even if Superman goes on full blast.

It then ends with Gotham Girl realizing the evil of his brother and then attempts to kill Gotham for the welfare of the city. The story ends with the possible death of Batman, as what Gotham Girl narrates.

Meanwhile, the story of Justice League will revolve around how the death of Superman motivated Batman to form a team of superheroes to defend Earth against greater evils. One can see how Superman's death and Batman's death as what is seen in the comics works its way.

An alien meta-human named SteppenWolf is on a quest to find the Mother Boxes on Earth. This is enough reason for the formation of the Justice League.

With this, it can then be said that Justice League is a far cry from the action-packed light-headed plotline that kids are seeing on Marvel movies. Justice League will offer a more dark and surreal feeling as its characters of great superheroes unfold in the upcoming 2017 movie. 

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