'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic Bans Another Set Of Hackers

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 19, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Niantic Labs has been continually dropping ban-hammers for those countless players who are constantly relying on cheats and bots on Pokemon Go. Players who have been using GPS spoofing, bots and other hacking tool has been the priority of the developers. Since the day of the game's release, several players are complaining on some other trainers who are very free from using these apps that violate the developer's TOS. As a compensation for those legit players, Niantic has drop a permanent ban to those abusive players.

According to Slash Gear, several gyms in the US are to be knocked down to level one and unoccupied after the game's next update. This is due to some illegitimate trainers' strongest Pokemon will be kicked from the game. Niantic Labs also has a warning for those people who are just playing Pokemon Go at home and sitting the whole day. Based on the reports, the company will be giving those people a boot. A boot that will both remove their efforts permanently and will allow legitimate Pokemon Go players take over some of the Pokemon Gym locations that is rightful for them to access.

Niantic is also aware on the leaked screenshots right now about gyms that have been occupied by eggs. This hack enables players to place their Pokemon Eggs on several Pokemon Gym locations. It also enable players to occupy the gym endlessly as new players that will try to open these gyms will meet an error. Thankfully, the game's creators finally makes a move and eventually trashed the hack effectively. The new update toasted those players who slowly destroys the game's main goals which made those sincere players pleased.

According to ABC, the players who are on the remote areas mostly benefited on these newest wave of bans. For those rarely accessed Pokemon Gym locations that had been occupied by people who are million miles away have been set unoccupied. With this latest move, it will just be down for those people who are present physically on the area. Niantic Labs said that more waves of banning will be coming soon. So watch your back, cheaters.


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