Pokemon Go Update: Pokemon Trading, PvP Battle Not Enough To Keep Players Interest?

Pokemon Go critics have aired their views that Niantic's latest game is starting to lose interest among its many players. Upcoming game features such Pokemon trading and Player versus Player (PvP) battles may not be enough to keep its players happy.

Niantic has a massive player base with its Pokemon Go. However, some critics are warning the mobile game developer to keep the game interesting or risk losing its players, according to Forbes.

There is no doubt that a large number of people have lost interest in playing Pokemon Go. Fortunately, the games still have legions of followers and there still parts of the world where the game has yet to be introduced.

Critics argue that Pokemon Go's "endgame" features are not enough to sustain players' interest. Currently, the endgame includes collecting all Pokemon in the wild or hatching them, achieving the maximum level and gym battles.

 Out of the three mentioned endgame features, the Pokemon egg hatching can be a potential player retaining endgame, according to Forbes. This is the only way for high-level trainers can accumulate high XP points.

Niantic is planning to add features such as the Pokemon trading among players as well as PvP battles. It is important to note that gym battles are fought between groups while PvP is between individual players.

A number of Pokemon Go veterans have several suggestions to keep the game interesting such as the,

Introduction Of Challenges In The Game

Giving players certain tasks and rewards could keep players' interest for a little longer. Niantic should make sure though that rewards are worth it.

Battling The Pokemon Go NPCs

The NPC characters in the game are members of the elite four namely, Agatha, Bruno, Lance and Lorelei. These characters including Gary or Blue can give players a satisfying battle that can make players stick around longer.

 Niantic's servers could barely cope with its huge player base. But the mobile game app developer must come with an endgame feature that should be good enough to retain most of its Pokemon Go players.

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