Latest 'Dota 2' Update: Top Patch Changes That Should Happen

By Jomar Teves , Aug 20, 2016 10:51 AM EDT

The sheer greatness of Dota 2 is widely believed to be from a perfect and explicitly balanced meta, and therefore, this state is believed to be the best for the game yet.

The victors have had the chance to make use of over 100 tools of different sorts for them to be declared a champion, and the heroes have witnessed action on the main Seattle stage. The metas, however, are just thought of to be persistent ones, who are reckoned to surpass phases in banning, and be a majority among team compositions.

In line with this, Ice Frog can do some things during the post-International patch, and here are some of the suggested moves.

Just Let Mirana Calm Down

Despite not being found all the time, Mirana was one of the heroes of the game though of to have the most impact. A lot would remember her as one with just an average agility, sans potential for late-game use, and her Aghanim update in April changed her role completely.

Bring Elder Titan back to Mortality

Elder Titan is known to be the stapler guardian and the one who holds the briefcase. Action has to be done regarding him.

The largest rate for picking and banning through The International 2016 gives us the idea that the experts have realized how easily it can be abused. A reduction when it comes to how potent this aura is and the Echo Stomp range of the Astral Spirit would make the Titan even with the other mortals.

But the question is: Is meddling with the affairs of a god right?

Nerf with the range of a Drow Ranger

When it comes to handling drows, Team comps could rise from inside her grill, and then deactivate the Precision Aura which can be pushed out and gunned down by the opposing team. To help address this issue, a range nerf could be rebalanced, but it would be difficult to determine whether it's just post-hurricane push, or a native nerf to the increase of the passive range of the Dragon Lance.

Shadow Demon's Powers: Illusions No More

Should a defined by a TI6 entirely, it's going to be part of a Factory of the Shadow Demon's Illusions. The Shadow Demon will end up disrupting all this, garner two additional copies to show a tower over without any risks, and this would not matter if it's your carry or your opponent's. 

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