'Pokemon Go' Rare Spawn Locations Are Relocated: Where To Find Them Now?

By Jomar Teves , Aug 20, 2016 10:45 AM EDT

Players would most definitely react every time something new happens on their favorite Niantic Game, Pokemon Go. One of these proposed changes by the company is placing a few of the rare spawn nests in other places.

The gaming company behind 'Pokemon Go', Niantic, has recently stated that fans think that they have done quite a lot of alterations for the popular app. A news post previously talked about a change done for the rare Pokemon refresh rates, and the Pokeballs which tend to end up getting wasted.

Technical errors have been blamed by the company as the culprit behind these complaints. The rumored relocation of spawn nests of rare Pokemon, however, will not be catered to or considered as a complaint, as the brains behind it believe that this will make the game more engaging.

 What about the spawn nests of rare Pokemon?

What makes rare spawn nests on 'Pokemon Go' popular is the rare Pokemon spawns that come with it. One of the spawnings glitches previously reported include the one on the Pokemon Dratini, which is said to experience sudden, unwanted spawning lately.

While the problem has already been fixed, it is feared that other Pokemon may experience this spawning glitch, too. It is still believed, however, that spawning would make the game even more fun and intriguing, and that avid fans will have to simply cope with this issue.

Despite the spawning issue, however, these rare Pokemon will not vanish.

Change is fine

While a lot of 'Pokemon Go' players do not welcome changes for their beloved game, the point is, the game has to be kept as engaging as it possible. This will most definitely involve more work on the player's part, and of course, brand new travels even for the die-hard players of the game, both of which, require some time to adjust to.

Niantic, as the game's creator, has to alter things and fix issues every now and then, and this is something that a lot do not fully comprehend. Just like upgrades, updates, and software patches of apps, 'Pokemon Go' is just phenomenal enough for it to have to be updated to keep up with its popularity.

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