Nintendo NX Release Date, Game Releases Unveiled On 4Chan

The Nintendo NX is one of the most awaited game consoles of 2016. Despite recent releases from the company, the NX is still expected to be its major reveal. And while rumors of the console are not hard to come by, one particular guess has almost changed the game for the unit.

According to 4chan, the new console from Nintendo will arrive on the market next year, on March 10, 2017. More so, the publication claims that instead of the Nintendo NX, it will be called the Nintendo Focus.

The announcement even came with a set of games that will be featured with the new console. This includes "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild," "Super Smash Bros.," "Super Smash Bros. Melee," " F-Zero^2" "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver." Reportedly, these games as well as a few others, that will have stage time on the September 21st Nintendo NX or Nintendo Focus reveal.

Other than that will be five other games that will be launch window games for the Nintendo NX/Focus. These include "Super Mario Focus," "Animal Crossing Election Year," "Pikmin 4" "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and "Pileow."

International Business Times notes that there is definite skepticism surrounding the report particularly because no source is cited. Naturally, these ideas could have been taken out from nowhere at all. However, the publication also argues that these ideas are simply reiterations of what is already popular speculation.

For example, the name itself, "Nintendo Focus" is a play on how the Nintendo NX is expected to be a portable and home unit hybrid. As such, Nintendo is "focusing" on taking a larger part of the market.

Further, are the games included, particularly "Super Smash Bros." It has been speculated for a while that the title will arrive with the new Nintendo NX, so its inclusion in the questionable announcement does have some basis.

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