Latest MacBook Pro 2016 Updates: New Features Include Thunderbolt 3 And USB-C

The MacBook Pro is under scrutiny as it is criticized to not feature innovative and improved features specifically with the data transfer technology  Fortunately, there are two new updated features to the new Apple MacBook Pro 2016, which are the Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3.1 type C.

Apple is now using the latest improvements and upgrades in the aforementioned two technologies that will be featured in the new MacBook Pro. With this, a thorough understanding of the past and connecting it properly to the future is as important as it gets.

The USB Implementers Forum revealed to the public in 2013 the new USB 3.1 which has a faster speed by doubling it up, now reaching to 10 gigabits per second thanks to the SuperSpeed+ transfer mode and an upgraded Type B peripheral connector. After the revelation of the USB-C, the naming conventions got mixed up.

The USB 3.0 that has a transfer speed of 5 gigabits per second now implements the USB-C connector and is called as the USB 3.1 Gen 1. On the other hand, the Thunderbolt connector is developed by the combined efforts of Apple and Intel under the banner of Light Peak.

The Thunderbolt is comparable to the USB as the early versions paced up with the power and speed of the USB during its early times. The rumors regarding the MacBook Pro 2016 says that it would feature a USB-C and even a Thunderbolt 3.

The Thunderbolt 3 is proven to be faster than that of its USB-C counterpart.  It is also more preferable if the new units would have a Thunderbolt 3 instead of the USB-C, as this would reduce the level of confusion among customers.

This would surely be a leap forward for Apple as it would sync in the thought of innovation within its products, improving its competitiveness with the other brands and even removing the perception of using outdated technology.

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