Facebook Tries To Become Cool Again By Resurrecting Lifestage

Facebook is launching Lifestage in order to be cool again with the young and teenagers. The App is intended to take back the ongoing exodus of youngsters leaving the social network site.

Lifestage is reportedly based on Facebook's first model used more than 12 years ago. The new app also borrowed some of its features from other current social sharing sites. Facebook hopes that Lifestage will be able to lure the teens who left the site.

 Facebook's popularity among teens is waning over the years, according to Digital Trends. The percentage of teenagers leaving is estimated to be in the double digits. This is the reason why Facebook is desperately trying to sell its Lifestage app to teenagers.

The Lifestage app basically enables its users to use their "Reach Me" account update their status through video. The update will only be visible to their direct contacts or friends. Only persons 21 and below are allowed to sign up for this app. This means that Lifestage is primarily targeting high school students whose age from 13 to 21 years old.

Lifestage users can skip signing through their Facebook account as long as they sign up with their school. The new app, however, requires the school to have at least 20 users to enable them to see the profiles of their classmates, schoolmates and other students at neighboring schools. This method though seemed intended to recruit as many teenagers as possible, according to PC Mag.

The app also gives simpler and easier privacy controls for its young users. One only needs one swipe to report or remove a classmate or friend from the social circle. Hope this feature keeps the bullies at bay.

Curiously, Lifestage is only available for iOS users. No words yet on when the Android version will be released. Only time can tell if Lifestage will make it a hit with the youngsters.

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