'Pokemon Go' News: Overall Balance Update And More

By Jupiter Isidro , Aug 23, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
Close reports that Niantic Labs has secretly released a patch on the server side for Pokemon go. Fanatics perceived it as 'balance update' where necessary tweaks has to be done to one or more Pokemon's statistics so that fairness across the game is approached if not perfected.

No major fixes were done, adds, but players who were aware of the said update are pleased of the expected updates in gameplay.

Noticeable updates

Out of the miniscule patch updates, the biggest of the change in Pokemon Go will be increase of spawn chances in common places for currently uncommon Pokemon. This change has greatly affected suburban and rural areas which is good to know because the said areas have very low spawn rate. I know this since I live in the suburbs and need to travel to civilization to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Region-based Pokemon

"Region lock" also will have changes as players notice Mr. Mime and Kangakhan appearing more often in their continents respectively.

Move set change

Noticeable changes include Niantic changing the movesets for some Pokemon in Pokemon go.

  • Gyrados lost the Dragon Breath ability
  • Chansey gains more effect on charge attacks
  • Jiggly puff gains more effect on charge attacks
  • Koffing lost Acid ability
  • Weezing lost Acid ability
  • Several Pokemon moves are replaced with other attacs

Read this infographic by Reddit user, /r/TheSilphRoad. The incumbent Pokemon Go community has taken effort into making it more understandable for Pokemon Go dummies like me, much more for those really actively playing.

Distance Tracking

Another change to happen will be how Pokemon Go will track your 'walked' distance to hatch incubated eggs. Currently, Pokemon Go detects the speed and distance being travelled by the player by pinging periodically the player's position from time to time, comparing locations. This results, as reported, to produce miscalculations with regards to what actually the player has travelled in reality, especially when not travelling on a straight line. This will be improved by increasing location checks more frequently.

Speed limit has also been reduced from around 20km per hour to 10 in a hope that this will discontinue the 'car cheat', where players drive slow enough for Pokemon Go to detect that you are just walking, ergo your egg hatching counts down.

When is this out?

It is rumored that the patch will be out in stores in a few days.

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