'Girl Meets World' Season 4 News And Updates: Disney Disapproves Plot; New Season To Air On Freeform Instead

By Marion Villareal , Aug 23, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

Despite all the cancellation rumors, fans of "Girl Meets World" are still intently hoping for a renewal of the series to season four. However, considering that the storyline gets more and more adult over time, Disney may no longer air the series and could possibly be renewed at another network.

"Girl Meets World" Storyline May Be Getting More Mature For Disney

It is not news to everyone that Disney Channel's audience is the kids and the young teens of this generation. The network has to keep a certain reputation that their shows don't tackle adult issues and ones that are too soon to hear by the children. Since "Girl Meets World" is already on its third season, with Maya and Riley growing up, there are issues that need to be tackled that may be too mature to air on Disney.

In line with this, the speculations of the series "Girl Meets World" wrapping it up on its third season may actually be true, as reported by MNR Daily. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the series. Its predecessor, "Boy Meets World" is now currently being aried on Freeform. Fans are then hoping that they could pick up where Disney ends with "Girl Meets World" on its third season finale.

Freeform Best Choice For "Girl Meets World" Renewal

The third season of "Girl Meets World" is getting the characters more mature with the protagonists getting close to finishing high school and will tackle more complicated situations for the days to come, according to Movie News Guide.

Freeform is allegedly the best choice for the sitcom, making it possible for the writers to expand the stores of Riley and Maya in a more mature aspect of their lives. Since the renewal of the series has not been confirmed yet, fans still continue to be hopeful that they see more of their favorite characters get their way through college and deal with more realistic ideas of the world.

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