Microsoft Surface Pro 5 2016 Launch False; Tech Company Delays Release For Major Overhaul

By Tin Ortega , Aug 25, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

Multiple rumors have been circulating these past few months and they all point out to the upcoming launch of new Surface devices including the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Speculations about specs, price and launch date have actually been all over the internet for a few months now. Although these rumors come from different sources, there are some important details that can help everyone figure out which rumors are more likely true or not.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date

Last year's Surface Pro 4 has been a big success, making the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 all the more exciting to wait for. However, the company hasn't given an official statement about its release just yet. But if a prediction has to be made, the release may be in 2017.

There are speculations about a 2016 release. However, it's more possible that in order to create a more powerful device, the company has to push the release date to next year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs

Specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may include a 16 GB RAM, 2K and 4K display variants, USB C support, and Surface Pen integration.

It has also been said that the device will run Windows Redstone 2 which is rumored to release in Spring 2017. This makes the Microsoft Surface Pro 5's 2017 launch date even more likely. Furthermore, the device is also rumored to house Intel's new processor named Kaby Lake.

Now, Kaby Lake has not yet been released. It was previously rumored that this processor should be released by this year's end, making it even more impossible that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would be released next year.

Microsoft may need to wait for Intel's release before they launch the new Surface tablet. A post from ecumenical news backs this theory up.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Verdict

There is still a lot to know when it comes to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Everyone's excited as to what Microsoft has in store for Surface series fans, considering how powerful the Surface Pro 4 is. Nevertheless, people would just have to wait a few more months and Microsoft may finally share some good stuff about the launching of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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