DotA 2 Has Finally Launched ‘Dark Rift’ Update; Highlights New Hero ‘Underlord,’ Plus Teammate Stats And More

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 25, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Worldwide hit online game DotA 2 has finally launched its first update after the 'The International 6' finale. During the event's all-star game, a new hero named 'Underlord' was revealed and showcased its gameplay to the fans. With today's patch, 'Vrogros the Underlord' is now officially playable. The new update also features new post-game summary screen, enhanced scoreboard, team XP and net worth graphs and introducing the new teammate stats. This new feature allows players to see their teammate's performance level and effectiveness.

According to IGN, the new hero 'Underlord' originally came on the original DotA game. He was the latest hero to be shipped out to the latter version. Underlord is under the category of a melee-strength support disabler and nuker. In the family of nukers and support on the game, a strength-based hero is really unusual. However, 'Underlord' proves to be at par or perhaps greater than some of the game's best support heroes.

'Underlord' is considered as perfect fit for team plays with his impressive set of skills. His Dark rift ultimate shares the effect of the in-game item Boots of Travel. However, he has a more improved BoT as he can transport all of his teammates on a designated area. Based on the reports, 'Underlord' did not fail to impress fans on its debut, as players are enjoying playing him on public matches or even in a ranked match.

Some say he is too 'overpowered' based on its Atrophy Aura skill. When the lone-passive skill was fixed, it causes a 42% damage reduction to nearby enemy unit and will grant 'Underlord' a bonus damage when the affected hero dies. Apparently, there are too many options to counter a hero's effectiveness.

On the other hand, the other contents included on the latest 'Dark Rift' update include the improved post-game stat screen. This most talked-about feature excites fans as it showcases comparison of each individual player's post game stats and items. Graphs on XP advantage and Net Worth are also available after the game.

The new teammate stats also catches the attention of everyone. With this new addition, players are able to know the effectiveness when playing with a certain friend. The stat is based on the win-lose percentage covering all the games you played together. This is a great update for those who want to know how effective they are when being teamed up.


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