‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Air Date Confirmed; Revival Season Deals With Terrorist Groups

“Prison Break” series makes a grand comeback on television after taking an extended hiatus. The hit television serial drama makes sure they exceed expectations of their long time supporters as Season 5 unlocks more mysteries and displays a series of more thrilling actions and heart – tugging drama.

Revival Season Bolstered With Heavy Action
Previous report of iTech Post mentioned that “Prison Break” season 5 is intensified with more action scenes as Michael’s difficult escape from a prison in Yemen is caused by the ISIS terrorist group. What could be more terrifying than having ISIS’ involvement in the show?

In an interview with Digital Spy, actor Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) revealed that the revival series takes a bigger and bolder approach as it tackles the realities of terrorism.

"I think this version is more worldly, it's heavy shit," Purcell said. "The first season was heavy, but this is real heavy shit, because we're dealing with ISIS, we're dealing with ISA.”

"And on top of that as the background, I'm trying to get my brother out of a Yemen prison - one of the worst prisons in the world. So you have all that going on - it's on another level," Purcell added.

This is one exciting season that everyone is keen on giving their time and attention. Hard – core fans of “Prison Break” will finally reunite with their favorite tv show and their beloved characters.

Season 5 Returns on Fox In Spring of 2017

It’s been 7 years since we got our treats from “Prison Break” and now that the show is back, everyone anticipates a heavy action that will surely amaze us. Apparently, Wentworth Miller (Michael) is not dead and his breaking out from one of the world’s worst prisons is an interesting highlight we could not afford to miss.

Some reports claim that the show will make a debut on January next year, however, creators of the series have not yet released an official announcement of the premier date. “Prison Break” season 5 airs on Fox Tv in spring of next year.

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