Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Survival Gets Delayed As Ubisoft Fixes Game?

Almost all fans of Tom Clancy's The Division know that the upcoming Survival DLC will be released in September. However, the content is said to be postponed, as Ubisoft plans to fix the issues and/or bugs exploiting the game. As a result, players can expect the next expansion to arrive later this year instead.

Over the course of months, Tom Clancy's The Division was greatly plagued with bugs and glitches. Lots and lots of players are reportedly experiencing issues, veering away from the overall excitement of playing it. In fact, during the State of the Game, the devs iterated that the title is currently in a broken state. This, in one way or another, only proves that the game needs some utmost attention.

To pacify the frustration and disappointment of Tom Clancy's The Division fans, Ubisoft has taken some steps to handle the problems. The studio mentioned about getting the reported issues fix. The only catch, however, is that they'll need a good amount of time in order to do so.

As a result, the supposed Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Survival will be pushed back. Originally, it was intended for a September release; however, the company has to postpone it so as to focus on fixing the game, as reported by Engadget.

The move to delay the release of the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division DLC was intended to pave the way for 1.4 patch. The latter is said to be a massive update, which is set to be unleashed sometime in October. Although its patch notes are still unknown, it is expected to bring some hefty features.

With the delay of Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Survival, the third content titled Last Stand is also expected to be pushed back. So, if anything else, it could be unleashed in early 2017. Nevertheless, it's a good thing that Ubisoft is now taking a serious trip to fixing the core of the title.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Tom Clancy's The Division? Do you believe Ubisoft can bring the game to its former glory once again? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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