AMD's AM4 Socket For Zen & Bristol Ridge CPUs Rumored To Come In October

By Victor Thomson , Aug 30, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

According to rumors coming from AMD's motherboard partners, the chip manufacturer's upcoming AM4 motherboards for Zen and Bristol Ridge processors will debut in October.

AM4 Socket Based Motherboards

According to Embedded Computing Design, AMD's latest X86-based microprocessor core, dubbed Zen has been designed from scratch for an improvement of core's performance of around 40 percent improvement in instructions per clock. Among the specific design improvements are included improved branch prediction, a new cache hierarchy and simultaneous multithreading.

As the result of these improvements are achieved better predictions of what kind of data is being employed, faster data fetching and processing of more simultaneous instructions. These advances allow, as AMD claims, that the parts are able to operate in fanless systems, an atypical configuration for such high-end CPUs.

One way Zen chip architecture will be implemented by AMD is in Summit Ridge, a 16-thread, eight-core desktop processor. The Summit Ridge will work on the upcoming AMD AM4 socket compatible with seventh-generation AMD A-Series desktop processors that have been previously codenamed Bristol Ridge,

Among the features of the AM4 platform are included dedicated PCIe Gen 3 lanes, DDR4 memory, SATA Express, NVMe and 10-Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen2. With dedicated PCIe lanes for cutting-edge data, graphics, USB and other I/O, the upcoming AMD AM4 platform will ensure that lanes are not stolen from other components and devices.

This will enable users enjoying cutting-edge high-performance systems with improved responsiveness. The future looking technologies provided by the AM4 platform will result in a reliable, scalable and powerful computing solution for various user needs.

AM4 Unified Socket For APUs & CPUs

According to the website, AM4 next generation AMD socket for motherboards is also the very first unified socket by the chip manufacturer company. The next generation AM4 socket will finally bring all of AMD desktop products under one roof, being compatible with both company's desktop CPUs and APUs.

This includes the brand new Summit Ridge family of high-performance Zen CPUs, as well as the upcoming Excavator based Bristol Ridge APUs scheduled to arrive some time during the last quarter of the year.

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