iPad Air 3 Cheaper Than Previous Models, Specs Reveal Minor Change

By Justine , Aug 30, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Apple's iPad Air 3 is one of this year's most anticipated smart devices. However, based on recent reports, it seems like the iPad Air 3 won't be released until 2017.

Apple just recently released the iPad Pro 9.7, making the iPad Air 3 a big impossibility. This is unless the company would defy routine and release two iPads in a single year.

Nonetheless, the new iPad Air may already be long overdue. This is considering the fact that its predecessor was released quite some time ago, in October 2014.

iPad Air 3 Specs

According to sources, the iPad Air 3 will come with a harder aluminum body and a slimmer design. It is also believed that the device will house the A9X chipset and the iOS 10 system.

Furthermore, this device is expected to have a minimum storage variant of 32 GB and iPad Pro's speaker setup.

iPad Air 3 Price

The iPad Air 3 is actually expected to come with a $599 price tag, at least for its starting price. However, the price might be lower if Apple do not use iPad Pro 9.7's True Tone display on the iPad Air 3. If so, it is believed that the new iPad Air 3 could be sold at around $400.

iPad Air 3 Conclusions

Overall, the iPad Air 3 specs that circulated online are not exactly impossible to believe. In fact, they all seem to be the expected upgrade to the iPad Air 2 specifications.

This could mean that Apple may still have a lot of new ideas in store for its fans. The company has been known for its advancement in smart device technology, so it is very possible that Apple is just keeping all info with confidentiality.

Nevertheless, do expect that if the iPad Air 3 is indeed coming, more and more leaks will surface as its announcement comes near. Spotted information from suppliers and leaksters can usually trigger more rumors about big releases such as the iPad Air 3.

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