First Human Head Transplant To Be Conducted By Real Life Dr. Frankensteins; Scientific Breakthrough Or Taboo?

By Dawn Fleming , Aug 31, 2016 03:37 AM EDT

The first human head transplant will happen soon. All the components needed for the first human head transplant is complete, and everyone is just waiting for time to pass until that fateful day arrives.

We've heard of face transplants and organ transplants many times before and while those procedures are not uncommon, rarely do people line up to undergo a head transplant. Valery Spiridonov, a Russian tech aficionado from East Moscow, voluntered his head for the first human head transplant and he has given all his confidence to Doctors Xiaoping Ren and Sergio Canavero.

Spiridonov is currently afflicted with a genetic disorder that causes general muscle atrophy and the disintegration of motor neurons. He volunteered to participate in the first human head transplant because he believes it is the only way for him to live a normal life. Spiridonov's condition is called Werdnig-Hoffman disease, which renders him physically incapable of steering his wheelchair on his own. He also can't feed himself. Doctors say that it's a miracle he is still alive since his disease is usually fatal. 

Lucky for him, there's a pair of highly-experienced scientists who are hopeful of the first human head transplant. Xiaoping Ren, a Chinese surgeon who performed the first successful hand transplant, and Sergio Canavero, an Italian neurosurgeon who is confident that he and Xiaoping can successfully perform the first human head transplant.

Having Spiridonov's head to another person's body won't just change his life immensely, but it will also create a mark in history. This will be the first human head transplant, and if performed successfully - it will be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the field of science.

In a report done by CBS news, Canavero says the first human head transplant has a "90 percent plus" chance of success, and when it does happen - they would need assistance from at least 80 surgeons and it would probably cost around tens of millions of dollars.

While there are scientists and ethicists who have voiced their skepticism and disbelief over the project, the first human head transplant would likely take place in China in 2017.


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