Microsoft Surface Book 2 Possibly Leaked On Instagram

By Rodney Rafols , Sep 01, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Recently an image came out on Instagram from the official Microsoft Surface Book account. The image that has been posted is a close up of what appears to be the rumored Surface Book 2. Not much details has been shown about it yet though aside from the close up image.

On the image posted can be seen a black device. Part of a keyboard and screen can be seen. According to Windows Central what could be seen is not from any current Surface Book known, since the current one has a silver color.

From the image that has been posted, it has been noted that the hinge has been reworked so that there would be less gap. Apart from that though, there are no other details given about it on the Instagram account.

"Your key to success. #Microsoft #Surface #DoGreatThings," were the only ones posted to go along with the image. The image then might be a teaser of what people would expect on the rumored Microsoft Surface Book 2, as eWeek reports.

Although on Twitter Windows developer Rudy Huyn denies that the image might be a teaser of the Surface Book 2, a comparison of the image with that of the current Surface Book at the same angle and range reveals that there are differences between the two. The biggest difference could be seen on its hinge, which has fewer ridges on it than on the Surface Book.

As there is no other detail given with the image, people are left to speculate what the rumored Surface Book 2 might have as its features. Its release has not even been known yet, though it's speculated by some to be sometime in October. However, a release on Spring 2017 might also be likely although with a teaser image coming out an earlier release could be expected.

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