'Eve Online' Will Be Free-To-Play Starting November To Acquire New Players

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Today, we have something exciting to share with you; our plans for a new feature that will let both old and new players take part in EVE Online for free.

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Science fiction MMO EVE Online, has finally decided to go free-to-play after 13 years of being a remote community of paying gamers. Starting this November, everyone can play the game for free along with the installation of Clone States as reported by Kotaku.

CCP's EVE Online has been on a very steady status building up their circles of community since 2013. It is unlike other MMOs that roll out with a bang of players then settle over some time. EVE Online is one of the pioneer MMOs that let players pay for their subscriptions via in-game currency, this feature has been the fundamental of its infamous economy flourish and at the same time adding importance and drama with regards to player socialization.

The Clone States feature divides players into two. Omega Clones - these are paying customers, they have access to all skills and ships the game can offer. New players, also returning players, will become Alpha Clones, the free-to-play gamers who have limited resource and will only be able to learn a certain group of skills to be determined also by the faction they will join. Otaku adds that Alpha Clones will be able to free to roam the EVE Online universe, do trade, and mingle with paying customers during battles or just plain chatting.

CCP explains via video about the Clone States feature, also a lengthly blog post with details about the limitations of non-paying players. The main reason to the question WHY, would be just to simply build out the community forward.

Part of our vision for the future of EVE has included more open access for some time, but with the interconnected nature of the game comes vulnerability. We knew that if the flood gates were opened in the wrong way, we could see anything from server meltdowns to the collapse of the EVE economy. Over time, our hardware has improved, code has been untangled (mostly!) and we've found a design we believe in.

EVE Online Developer CCP will be fllying in the whole Council of Stellar Management, a player organization, to their headquarters in September to deliberate about the coming players and discuss the many concerns about Clone states.

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