Qualcomm's Stand Alone VR Headset Will Make You Forget The Oculus Rift And HTC Vibe

By Dawn Fleming , Sep 02, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

A new virtual reality headset is coming our way, and it promises to blow our minds to a whole new level. Qualcomm just revealead their latest innovation and they named it the Snapdragon VR820.

Chip maker Qualcomm is not the first to come up with a virtual reality headset. In fact, HTC and-Oculus are already ahead of that race, and they were dubbed as the top brands in VR technology. Qualcomm's stand alone VR headset, the Snapdragon VR820, is built with Qualcom's mobile processor and software development kit. Qualcomm arranged a partnership with Goertek, a Chinese electronics company, to create the stand-alone VR headset.

The Snapdragon VR820 stand-alone VR headset was unveiled at IFA 2016. According to CNET, one of its key benefits is the fact that the power supply and processor are all built into the headset; thus, it no longer requires any wires. Qualcomm's stand-alone VR headset is going to use cameras that can track head motion, and it is going to have two front-facing cameras plus two cameras facing inward for eye tracking.

PC World reports that Qualcomm's stand-alone VR headset will be integrated with the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP, which aids in allowing users to see objects in the real world while they are still engaged in VR environments. With its "look-through imaging" feature, it allows the users to walk around while wearing it. Qualcom's stand alone VR headset has a chance of winning the hearts of consumers.

Qualcomm's stand alone VR headset seems like a promising product. The manufaturers have tomake sure that the inside-out tracking works, if not it will probably make the user's VR experience nauseating and unpleasant. Since Qualcomm's VR headset is pretty much "all-in-one",

As for the price, Qualcomm hasn't released any statements on the exact price of their latest innovation. But they did leave a hint that the stand alone VR headset would be affordable and it will probably cost almost the same as "higher-performance tablets".


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