Alien UFO's Spotted In Outer Space Obersving ISS

Just recently, a video footage taken from outer space have captured the seeming existence of aliens as two UFOs were seen observing the International Space Station (ISS) from a distance.

The video clip was taken from a NASA camera that was also simultaneously broadcasted back to earth live. It was then uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1. Since then, flocks of UFO enthusiasts and speculators rushed to see it with their own eyes.

The UFOs appear to be two lights that are flashing brightly and hovering around a progress capsule. The progress capsule is an integral part in daily ISS living as it supplies the astronauts stationed there with a steady supply of resources.

Scott Waring, a well known UFO expert has no doubt that the aliens that were piloting the UFO spacecraft are using the human spacecraft to monitor the behaviors and progress of the ISS. He says, "The first UFO is smaller... which tells me it's farther away than the second larger UFO."

Most UFO enthusiasts are sceptical with the footage as they believe that NASA is still continuously covering up the UFO sighting as made evidence by a black wall that covers the UFOs trajectory during their path; a proof made possible by editing the video footage.

One YouTube user commented on the thread in YouTube, "'It almost looks like a giant spaceship is passing by but the rest of it is being blocked by some kind of invisible wall perhaps using some kind of software."

There was another one who says, "The reason why NASA is ending the live ISS feed is because they can't censor enough of what is showing up without making the truth obvious in and of itself, so they are closing the public feed off entirely."

With this, it might be likely that aliens are really real and are amongst us. It is not a matter of if they exist, it is just a matter of when they will make their presence known to rest of humanity and not just with a couple of isolated sightings outside the planet.

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