'Tokyo Ghoul' 8th Volume Ranks No.7 For The Month Of August; Anime Series Comeback For Season 3 Pressured?

By Marion Villareal , Sep 03, 2016 12:09 AM EDT

The eighth volume of the "Tokyo Ghoul" manga series has ranked higher in a list of highly purchased mangas worldwide. They ranked number seven among 20 in the list, and the other past volumes have ranked within the top 20 as well.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Manga Series Ranked No.7 In Top 20 List For The Month Of August

In Nielsen BookScan's Top 20 list for the month of August, the eighth volume of "Tokyo Ghoul" has ranked number seven. Last month, the other volumes of the manga series were also able to make it to the top 20: seventh, second, sixth and third volumes all ranked number five, fourteen, seventeen and twenty respectively.

The ranking on the top 20 list is based on the sales at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores worldwide, including some online purchases. However, the inclusion on the count of online purchase is only limited, thus it does not include sales on comic bookstores, Amazon and many other.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 To Follow Events On The Manga Series

With the manga series of "Tokyo Ghoul" getting many positive feedbacks, the adaptation of it to the anime series has gained a lot more pressure. The anime series is already bound to return for its third season, with the second season ending in a battle between Ken Kaneki and Arima.

Reports claim that the third season of the anime series will follow the events that transpired in the manga series, wherein Ken Kaneki will then be crowned and declared as the One-Eyed King. There have also been allegations that when Kaneki wins the battle, he will presume another identity to hide from the ghouls who have held him captive, which has led to a change of his point of view.

There still hasn't been any confirmation yet as to when the third season of "Tokyo Ghoul" will return and what the storyline could be. The fans of the series are still anticipating for its comeback.

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