Get Your September Free Mythical Pokemon Now For Pokemon X/Y Or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 03, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Yes, Pokemon trainers, It's September already. You must have been so busy with training your Pokemon in August and forgot that the month already have turned. Anyway, this month, you get another Mythical Pokemon for free!

Who's that Pokemon?! 

It's Victini! Yup, Gamespot has reported he's coming to you for free for this month. Victini is a Level 100 Psychic/Fire type Pokemon. It comes with 'Incinerate', 'Quick Attack', 'Victory Star', 'Endure', and 'Confusion' abilities and moves.

You can catch Victini for free starting today until the 24th of September. This has been a part of the ongoing 20th anniversary celebration promo for Pokemon. You can get it in Pokemon X/Y and/or Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. I know some serious trainers who have both games. You can get Victini by simply going online unlike other promotions that need you to log in or have a premium subscription. Good guy, Nintendo!

All you really need to activate this freebie is to select the 'Recieve Gift' option on the main menu. Choose to receive the freebie through internet, then lastly visit a Pokemon in-game Center. Simple right?

Just this one for September?

Yes, but don't worry, this treat has been ongoing since February as stated above to Celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversary. You will continue to receive freebies throughout the year's end. Speculations such as Keldeo and Genesect for October and November respectively have surfaced and is most likely to be true.

What is a Victini? 

It is said that trainers who have a Victini do not lose, no matter what battle they encounter. Victini has an unlimited force and aura of fiery energy ablazing within its tiny body. It can also share the said energy to people and Pokemon by touching. The recipients then are filled with incredible strength to the supernatural level. It also has the ability to become invisible. Lastly, Victini is claimed to be the only one who can do the Searing Shot move. 


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