‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 News & Updates: Tyler Hoechlin To Reprise His Role; Series’ Finale To Adopt A Psychokinesis Theme?

The teen horror drama “Teen Wolf” series finally wraps up after five years of providing world – class entertainment to its viewers. A bittersweet farewell deserves everyone’s attention as the final series is set to share, for the nth time, its characters’ incredible performances and a storyline that you could not imagine.

Tyler Hoechlin Back As Derek Hale
“Teen Wolf” star Tyler Hoechlin teases his possible comeback in the last installment of the popular show.
In an interview with The Wrap, Hoechlin was asked if fans will be seeing him in the last season.

“Dot dot dot,” replied Hoechlin with laughter.

His co – star J.R. Bourne was quick in dropping additional hint of Tyler’s return in the last stretch of the series.

“Well, there you have it,” Bourne said.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Tyler is only lined up to appear in the two episodes of “Supergirl” as the Man of Steel. This means that the talented actor will be able to reprise his role as Derek. To recall, Derek acted as Scott’s mentor before he departed Beacon Hills in the fourth season.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 Is Set To Feature Psychokinesis

Holland Roden, who plays the character of Lydia Martin, related to Daily Mail about what their long – time supporters can expect in the new episodes.

'If you like Stranger Things season one, I think that their showrunner and our showrunner are the same person,' the actress said.

Having spilled the beans, we are assured of a psychokinesis approach in the last season. While Roden did not provide specific details, we can speculate that the wolf team will have to battle with powerful villains, thus, giving us a creepier treat post Halloween season.

The long wait will mark its end as we will be able to witness the concluding episodes of “Teen Wolf” commencing November 15.

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