Rare NASA Photo Shows Galaxies 'Colliding'

By Ishayat Ahmed , Jun 15, 2012 01:08 PM EDT

NASA's Hubble space telescope has captured an amazing image of two galaxies that gives the illusion of a collision.

In the image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, two galaxies are showing up one behind the other that looks like as if they are crashing into each other. But there is nothing to worry about as the two galaxies are tens of millions of light-years away from each other. The Space Telescopes Science Institute also reported that this distance is about 10 times the distance between Andromeda and our Milky Way.

The alignment of two galaxies, NGC 3314A and NGC 3314B was looking like a collision from Earth. But astronomers said both of them are moving in different direction, which means there is no chance for collision here. These galaxies are 140 million light-years far away from Earth. The galaxy closer to Earth is called NGC 3314A and it's completely visible in the picture captured by Hubble space telescope, which was launched way back in 1990.

"The two galaxies look as if they are colliding, but they are actually separated by tens of millions of light-years, or about 10 times the distance between our Milky Way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy," a NASA official said. "The chance alignment of the two galaxies, as seen from Earth, gives a unique look at the silhouetted spiral arms in the closer face-on spiral, NGC 3314A."        

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