Fallout 4 Nuka-World Guide: All Nuka-Cola Recipe Locations Revealed

In Fallout 4, Cola - everybody's favorite beverage has been given a version. The game has introduced 15 Nuka-Cola recipes distributed throughout Fallout 4: Nuka-Cola. Once players collect them, new brews can be crafted at the Nuka-Cola Mixing Station. This is a crafting table which can only be found in the DLC.

When players will open the crafting station, they will see that there are new Nuka-Cola varieties that are extremely powerful. However, there is a low supply of ingredients provided in order to mix them. There are currently 15 Nuka-Cola Recipes in the Fallout 4: Nuka-World, as VG247 reported.

According to Video Games Blogger, the location for the recipes are as follows: The Nuka-Cide can be found behind the counter at Cappy's Café in Nuka-Town USA. Nuka-Cooler is at the shop of Star Market in the Galactic Zone. Nuka-Void is located in the Starlight Interstellar Theater's main hall. The Nuka-Ray is at the gift shop of the RobCo Battlezone. Nuka-Lixir is at the employee area at the end of the Funhouse. Nuka-Berry can be found at a dressing room at King Cola's court. Nuka-Bombdrop is situated on a food cart outside of Mad Mullingan's Mine.

Nuka-Sunrise Recipe can be found on the employee area near the Dry Rock Gulch Theater. Nuka-Xtreme is at the table near the flagpole located at the roof of the Dry Rock Gulch Theater. Nuka-Rush is at the entrance inside Welcome Center. Nuka-Hearty can be found at the stage in Jungle Journey Theater. Nuka-Power is on a desk in one of the offices of Nuka-World Power Plant. Nuka-Frutti is at the diner booth at Hubologist's Camp. Nuka-Punch is at the end of the Grandchester Mystery Mansion tour. Nuka-Love can be obtained from Evan in the South of Nuka-Station. The recipes may look like small packets of baking soda, so be sure to look at them carefully.


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