Firewatch Update: FPS Game Coming To Xbox One on September, Plus Bonus Features

Initially released for both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, the highly praised first-person adventure game, Firewatch, from its San Francisco-based, indie developer, Campo Santo, is making its way to Xbox One in September 21, 2016, according to a report from Polygon.

The decision for the popular game to make in another console was apparently as a result of months of requests from loyal Xbox One owners as seen on multiple tweets in a row to the game's development team.

Despite receiving the game rather late in their consoles, Xbox One owners who will play Firewatch in their units will have more reasons to rejoice than just merely being able to play the game with their chosen platform because of the game's bonus features that are never before seen in the game on its existing platforms-at least until the same features are added to both the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC release of the game.

The Xbox One version of Firewatch will enable a new style of free-roaming in the game which allows players to explore the game's vast setting, sandboxed-style, at their own leisure. Along with this freedom to move about in the game is the noticeable day-night cycle that will give players two facets of the game. If the game's design is not full of secrets and surprises enough, this updated and better version of the game will also feature further additions to these good stuffs-dubbed the "hidden secrets"-for players to look for themselves while traversing the world where Firewatch is set in.

Adding further icing to the cake, Campo Santo is also giving to the loyal and casual followers of the game the so-called Firewatch Audio Tour which the company themselves described teasingly as "one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop, mixed with a dash of inside Campo Santo goofs," as mentioned in Tech Times

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