'Final Fantasy' Welcomes Daisuke Ono-Voiced Snow Villiers; Secret To Unlocking 'Heart Quests' Revealed

By Lizzie Mefford , Sep 06, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

"Final Fantasy" has unveiled Snow Villiers as one of its guest Chibi characters in its "World of Final Fantasy" game. Snow Villiers had initially appeared in the "Final Fantasy XIII" game as the young rebel in his Chibi form, with his iconic bandanna, trench coat, and scarf.

The presence of the Chibi character in the game was welcomed and reported in the latest issue of Jump magazine. Snow Villiers has featured the voice of Daisuke Ono, whose character in the "World of Final Fantasy" will be fighting to protect the town from a very massive plan.

The magazine also unveiled a few other features of the game, including  their approval of the "Heart Quests," which are must-see episodes for avid gamers of "Final Fantasy." These legend-centered sub-quests can be unlocked through "Final Fantasy" legend characters by using an item known as the "Ultima Gem." It should be noted that aside from being able to have a dialogue with "Final Fantasy" legend characters, clearing these sub quests will also give rewards to its players.

The "Final Fantasy" game "World of Final Fantasy" will also reveal a new Mirage (monster) known as the "Water Frog", Jump Magazine reported. The Water Frog Mirage is a type of monster which can inflict status ailments on its enemies by chanting the ribbit-ribbit song, as well as a unique move called the "Song of Spirit" that can increase all of the magical defenses of its allies.

In other news, several characters are also rumored to join the "World of Final Fantasy" game including Noctis, Fran, Balthier, Warrior of Light, and Vincent Valentine.

The "Final Fantasy" game "World of Final Fantasy" is expected to be released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles on Oct. 25 in North America, Oct. 27 in Japan, and Oct. 28 in Europe. Meanwhile, watch the "Final Fantasy XV" PAX 2016 summary and analysis here.

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