‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy System Guide: Evolving and Powering Made Easier

If farming for candies appears to be both costly and time-consuming among existing players of Pokemon Go, Niantic, the developer behind the massively successful mobile game on iOS and Android, have a good news for its Pokemon Go players. The supposed release of a new in-game system will make evolving and powering-up of one's Pokemon as simple as choosing one to buddy yourself with-the "Buddy System" or what its game developer at their own official website prefers to call as "Buddy Pokemon," according to an earlier report from IGN.

Candies Along the Way

But how does the "Buddy Pokemon" system works? Looking at the source code of the latest version of Pokemon GO app, this newly introduced feature should be as simple as having to set your own chosen Pokemon to buddy with as you go along your walking journey and randomly gets in-game candies that you can use to any of your Pokemon for overall improvement purposes.

Given how rarer Pokemon like Bulbasaur would require more candies than an average Pokemon like Pidgey would to evolve, this new Pokemon Go buddy system is meant to make evolving (should the Pokemon does evolve) or otherwise strengthen a Pokemon, through its enhanced combat points, easier.

As of the moment, the code is not sufficient enough to state for how many candies is each Pokemon allowed to get at any given set of time (daily limit) when set as a buddy. However, what is clear about the code is that it suggests that you can only choose to buddy a single Pokemon every single time and that switching any Pokemon to buddy with at whim is possible.

While some may think the "Buddy Pokemon" system as like the original Pokemon Yellow version where you walk alongside Pikachu when placed as your primary Pokemon, the idea to actually see your Pokemon in full walking beside you is still something that remains to be seen once the Pokemon Go full feature is released "sometime soon" (there is not yet an official release date for the update from the game developers themselves). However, Niantic clearly state that your set buddy should appear alongside your trainer avatar which would give you knowledge of which Pokemon you are walking side-by-side with.

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