'Limitless' Season 2 News And Updates: Cancellation Still Looms; Showrunner Hints Show's Status

By Van V. , Sep 07, 2016 06:34 AM EDT

"Limitless" Season 2 remains cancelled- at least based on the showrunner who recently hinted on the series' status.

In a Twitter post dated Aug. 24, showrunner Craig Sweeny revealed that "Limitless" Season 2 is indeed cancelled with no plans or offers to continue in another network.

Fans appear to be disappointed as they were hopeful that Netflix would pick up the show after CBS cancelled it after Season 1. They believe that "Limitless" has one of the most compelling storylines and it'll be such a waste to put it in an abrupt end.

CBS reportedly cancelled "Limitless" Season 1 as ratings failed to maintain high standing. However, many fans believed that the network has high standards particularly with the ratings. They added that it will be beneficial for the show to work with a network that could unleash its potential.

Reports claim that CBS made the decision to cancel "Limitless" because it did not connect with the audience. Apparently, the network also wanted to introduce new shows, thus the need for letting go of the other.

Bradley Cooper, recurring cast member and executive producer of "Limitless" allegedly urged other networks to pursue the series. However, no confirmation has been made regarding this information.

With the actor's hectic schedule and other commitments, it might be a challenge to work for a series renewal.

As of this writing, there has been no confirmation made regarding the future of "Limitless". Whether it'll remain cancelled or to be picked up by another network is yet to be known. Watch out for future "Limitless" updates here.

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