The Reason Behind the Titles ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon’; Director Says How He Got Them

For a franchise that has been many years in the run, it is undoubtedly the non-spinoff game titles that pull audiences and fans, time and time again, into the world of Pokemon. But with another major titles-Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon-now in the works for localization and is already nearing its finish for release in the Western market, Shigeru Omori, the game's director, is sharing a secret as to how he chose the titles that we now take as official from the game series.


According to Omori as referenced from both Siliconera and Gamnesia, there is a sense of connection that binds a human and his Pokemon that, consequently, affects one another-the premise he uses in choosing the right titles.

Why, therefore, "Sun" and "Moon"?

Restating on the original statement from Omori, we come up with a clearer idea on how he came with the titles of what appears to be the latest installation in the Pokemon game series:

Sun and Moon are obviously related to the planet we live in-Earth. Like the relationship that exists between a master and his Pokemon, the Earth is also related with these two celestial bodies-the Earth revolves around the Sun in its own orbit while the Moon revolves around Earth, itself, in its own orbit, despite many lightyears apart from one another.

Like any two entities-regardless of differences and similarities-that interact with one another, the relationship between Earth and the Sun and the Moon and the Earth are not without their influences to each other-in fact, there are. The Sun has an obvious influence towards our planet for its light and heat but little did we know that we also affect the Sun as well albeit not as obvious. The same is also true about the Moon which science has already proven to have an effect to certain conditions in the planet and hence its influence to it.

Bottom line: Shigeru Omori uses the concept of "interrelationship" between two unlike entities-like how different the Earth is from either the Sun and the Moon or vice versa-as the theme when choosing titles for the main Pokemon games which are normally released in pairs.

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