'Super Mario Run' News: Super Mario Will Finally Invade The Mobile Gaming Community

The Super Mario Bros. experience will finally be available for mobile game addicts, as Nintendo will give Mario and the rest of the gang its very own smartphone debut with Super Mario Run, according to Game Spot.

Iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto himself announced the shocking news when he took the stage in a recent Apple event.The Super Mario Bros. creator debuted the first ever Mario mobile game, Super Mario Run, which is imminent to be offered only in iOS.

"With Mario games, what's important is that they always be simple to understand, easy to know what to do.So this time we're really paying attention to that and making it one that you can play one-handed while still retaining the core essence of what makes a Mario game a Mario game," the 63-year-old Japanese designer said.

The creator revealed that this new Super Mario Run auto-scrolling platform game will be made available in December this year and will be offering a lot of methods as you compete for a high-score with your friends.

"There are a lot of techniques in the game that you can use, and the better you get at mastering those techniques, the better you'll perform in the game," he added.

Sometime in 2011, the now deceased Satoru Iwata was vehement of having Nintendo characters being played on the small screen, as reported in Forbes.

"If we did this. Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo." The company's leader was adamant: Putting Mario on mobile would make good short-term profits but would ultimately devalue the property. Now that it's here, we have to wonder -- is Nintendo still Nintendo?

Nintendo has also made it clear that only new games designed for smart devices will be established for their new mobile venture. This means that no classic titles will be available for your iPhone.

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