Tower Defense Game, Unholy Heights, Coming to PS4 in the US on Sept.13

By Jermaine D. Delos Santos , Sep 09, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

After having a successful launch on both the Nintendo 3DS and PC platform, acclaimed tower defense game, Unholy Heights, has a found a new home in the US with the PlayStation 4 as it gets a slated release to the platform, not too long now, on September 13, 2016, according to Siliconera.

Unholy Heights follows the life of a seemingly average office worker who, one day, decided to make a change in his life and become an overlord of some sort. Moving into an apartment complex which he manages, he also brought with him a variety of monsters who will help him defend the apartment building, tower defense style. Adding an element of RPG into the game, every monster he employs could become stronger and be more devoted based on their treatment.

Like many tower defense games of its kind, Unholy Heights is not without its unlockable-in fact, it has plenty. There is even the picture of heroes in the game and the reputation system to boot which makes the game more engaging to players. At its core, the game is a tower defense system with a touch of apartment management involving the "Devil" himself that is the overlord and his hordes of monsters as his tenants.

When enemies arrived at the location of the apartment, your monster-tenants are not necessarily the "active" kind of defenders but rather ones that must be called forth as needed which is done so by knocking specifically on their room's door. By following on the same tried-and-tested formula of the rock-paper-scissors, your chosen tenant to act in your apartment's defense could mean victory or defeat. Choosing your warriors wisely, therefore, is always imperative.

In celebration of its scheduled PlayStation 4 release, Teyon, the company behind the game, is launching a temporary reduced price release of $5.24 instead of the normal price of $6.99 price tag.

The same Unholy Heights news was also in mention at Gematsu.

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