T-Mobile Fixes Verizon's Bogus Claims, Increases LTE Speeds To 400 Mbps

By Adie Pie , Sep 09, 2016 03:52 AM EDT

T-Mobile is making innovations in the communications industry by changing the face of data plants completely. In doing so, the alleged leading company in network services even poked fun at one of its toughest competitors, Verizon.

Beef Against Verizon

"Verizon loves to scream about the massive amounts of money they've spent on their network over the last decade. It is a staggering, mind-blowing sum of money," said Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile, Neville Ray. "But, here's something even more mind-blowing: Verizon has spent billions on their network, and it is still slower than T-Mobile, and Verizon still won't (or can't) offer unlimited data."

Hot Hardware even notes that T-Mobile went on to poke fun at Verizon's new 2-channel carrier aggregation, as T-Mobile has been providing this same service since 2014. Moreover, the company has already moved onto a 3-channel aggregation.

The baiting continued throughout the press launch, which was meant to announce the company's 4x4 MIMO.

The Offer

MIMO is "multiple input, multiple output." T-Mobile claims they are the first carrier to provide such a service. MIMO should help increase internet speeds for users.

T-Mobile's 4x4 MIMO is currently available in 319 cities, which will theoretically double internet speeds for its users. But as Tech Times notes, the feature will only be readily available to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users for the first month of implementation. The technology will eventually be compatible with other smartphone units.

In addition, T-Mobile is also working on its 4G LTE network with 256 QAM for downloads and a corresponding 64 QAM for uploads. The figures are already live in half of T-Mobile's network and will complete by the end of October.

However, the QAM technology is also currently compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The Future of T-Mobile

With the partnership of MIMO and the QAM technology, users should experience internet speeds of 400 Mbps.


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