'Titanfall 2' Customization Option Is Now Available Based On The Latest Trailer

After the game previously released trailer several weeks ago, Titanfall 2 has yet released another trailer highlighting the addition of customization option. Based on the reports, Respawn Entertainment has been doing all their efforts in finalizing the game details heading towards a late October release.

According to Game Rant, this newest feature addition allows players to customize their titans to make them more unique than the other titans of the same class. The video of the latest trailer used the voiceover work of art director, Joel Emslie. It displayed a variety of visual customization options that can be accessed by players inside Titanfall 2. As of this time, players have the chance to choose over six pages of camouflage for their pilot, titan, and weapons. They can apply these customizable options. The samples range from common woodland patterns to extreme patterns like pink zebra stripes.

There is a prompt for the player to select the paint that they want for their titan weapon to have as well as what they want for the nose art to be. They have to choose this after selecting the paint camo type. In Titanfall 2, the nose art means a big decal that is to be placed in the titan's face. This gives the players a choice to select attention-seeking graphics, such as shark teeth. Along with this, the trailer has also divulge the cloak pilot's new look.

According to Xbox Achievements, Despite wearing the bulky armor, the pilot was added with a ghilie suit fur around its shoulders and neck. These new customization options for the Titanfall2 have greatly expanded what the game has to offer. These encouraged the players to make one of their own based on how they want it to be.


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