Super Mario Run: The 80s most popular game now made exclusive for iOS by Nintendo

The fans of the mighty plumber, Super Mario, are now excited to bring their favorite game anywhere through their monster gadgets as Nintendo created its very first Super Mario mobile game, Super Mario Run game, and it's about to land on the iOS this Decmeber.

Super Mario is an old-school game and its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, surprised everyone present at the Apple event last September 7 as he announced the very first mobile version of the franchise. The game is called Super Mario Run and it will be available exclusively on iOS.

Since everybody have been enticed with the running games that were created in the past years like Temple Run, Minion Rush, Subway Surfers, and many more versions of such game category, Super Mario Run was designed to set the mustached hero to run through the levels on his own.

The game was made easier than ever with some more twists and exciting adventures. Somewhat similar to the Flappy Bird game, the Super Mario Run Game prompts you to simply tap the screen with your finger to make him jump, all while strategizing on how to overcome the obstacles and press longer to jump higher to collect more coins.

The Super Mario Run Game was developed with two game modes, the more classic Mario run-to-the-flag mode and the more extreme battle mode or the "Toad Rally" as named on the game. It doesn't have to be boring too since you can not only play on your own but the game also allows players to enter battle mode so they can take on friends and other gamers across the world through internet connection. Another mode, which isn't clear what it actually entails just yet, lets you use the coins you collected to upgrade and customize your Mushroom Kingdom.

Everyone can have a taste of the game because some levels can be tried for free. "iOS users will be able to download and enjoy a portion of Super Mario Run for free and will be able to enjoy all of the game content available in this release after paying a set purchase price," states Nintendo's press release.

The Super Mario Run will be available to be exclusively played on iPhones and iPads this December 2016. You can check more screenshots and read more details at the game's official App Store page.

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