Getting the Gold Edition of the Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Saves You 40% at Launch

Fans who anticipated the release of another installment to the Elder Scrolls series, the massive sandboxed-style RPGs from the game developer, Bethesda, will have a reason to rejoice as Elder Scrolls Online begins its launch today. But early buyers who would want to save from further cost of as much as $80 when buying the game's DLCs separately are advised to just buy the Gold Edition instead, and now. This Gold Edition should contain the base game plus four DLCs, according to Siliconera, all of which would cost as much as 9000 crowns or equivalent to $80 in real-life currency.

Yet for those who still find the almost $60 official price tag of the game from Bethesda to be too stiff at this time but still want to get a first-hand experience with the game may find a better offer at Dealzon for the Gold Edition of Elder Scrolls Online game on PC for its 40% reduced price of $39.99. That is a $20 savings of the same game than when you are buying it at Bethesda.

Meanwhile, Green Man Gaming is offering the same version of the game for only $10 lesser at $49.99 than what Bethesda itself offer for the same game. However, conducting its own sale of Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition for the exact same price as that from Dealzon when discounted, consumers who are logged into Green Man Gaming's website will find a better deal than those who are not, as the game is being offered with 20% as opposed to the shown 15% discount from its original price tag of $49.99 thereby lowering the price of the game to just almost $40.

If you are eager in playing the game with all of its feature contents intact early in its launch, there is no better time to avail of the Gold Edition of the game than now. As of last year's announcement, Elder Scrolls Online will be a no monthly subscription game which means that Bethesda's revenue from the game will likely either be coming from exclusive in-game items or items of significance as well as on its future expansions.

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