'Pokemon GO' Tips and Tricks For Snorlax and Dratini Revealed

By Lex Lopez , Sep 10, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Monster-hunting video game Pokemon GO is everywhere and so does rabid fans with their cheats and tips especially on rare finds like full of fat Snorlax and the serpentine Dratini. There is no definitive proof that Snorlax will generate at a specific spot, it can appear haphazardly, according to Game N Guide.

Players will likewise see that there are sure regions where particular Pokemon like Snorlax or Dratini are found, and after that, there are ranges where other Pokemon are regularly found. However it has been observed that the mechanics in the game is such that it tends to cycle several types of Pokemon in a certain area where they might find rare Pokemon.

Everybody realizes that the endgame for Pokemon GO is battling. It is a brutal world, that of the Pokémon coach, and the purpose of this Pokémon gathering at last comes down to battle: Pokémon versus Pokémon.

So how do we maneuver ourselves in finding the unmovable Snorlax in Pokemon GO; here are our tips:

  • Making it a habit to correctly use the Incense and Lure tools in undiscovered areas that players haven't explored yet
  • The collection of 10K eggs to guarantee that egg a hatchling will a rare Pokemon in order to elevate the chances

So how about for the mythical Pokemon, Dratini?

It is said that this dragon type is quite a regular in cities and countries which have well-known landmarks, according to Mobile & Apps.

Dratini will have two evolutions, first is the Dragonair and then the extremely powerful Dragonite. 

For anyone who is still living under a rock and has not played Pokemon GO, players need to utilize the GPS on their gadget and catch these Pokemon by strolling around the area and to the areas that the amusement appears. Players can likewise exchange the Pokemon and procure rewards.

How about you? Do you have any additional Pokemon GO tips and tricks to add? Hit us on the comments section!

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