'Bioshock: The Collection' System Requirements For PC Released

With Bioshock: The Collection nearing its release next week, 2K has finally revealed the minimum PC requirements of the upcoming first person shooter game. Bioshock: The Collection will feature a much improved in-game graphics and environment. In which, fans has been left out wondering of what will be the upcoming game's specification after it was announced months ago. The revelation highlights the full detail of the game's system requirements for PC.

According to Steam, BioShock: The Collection includes all three previous game titles namely BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite which were remastered for the current gen. Based on the post, PC players will be granted with a free upgrade if they were able to secure legit copies of BioShock, BioShock 2 and/or Minerva's Den on Steam. It has also been revealed what to expect on the said upgrade. Check it here.

Based on the reports from Game Rant, 2K has already been providing full instructions to guide the players when doing the upgrade. Sources also said that PC gamers should not worry about the hardware and software requirements of the latest games. However, the gaming company warned them about the hard drive allocation of which it would take a massive 70GB of hard disk space. It was suggested that players should start clearing their HDDs prior to the game's release. Check the full specifications here.

BioShock: Infinite would not be getting a remastered version for PC since it meets the standards of the current gen consoles. In addition, the two remaining titles will be expected to run on 1080p with 60fps. On the other hand, fans can make an intelligent move if ever they are still not sold on the upcoming games. However, if the sales of BioShock: The Collection are trending to the positive, 2K might create another entry for the franchise to transcend going forward.

BioShock: The Collection will be out on September 13, 2016 for both Xbox One and PS4 while PC version will come later with a September 15, 2016 release.


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