Why This God Of War 4 Feature Should Excite You

God of War 4 is probably the biggest reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June. Lots of fans were hoping for its existence, but it was only during the aforesaid event that everything became official. While there's nothing much to know about the game's overall gameplay, there are announced features that are expected to make the community excited. And speaking of which, this one here is worth noting.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, God of War 4 will feature what seems to be a dynamic duo involving Kratos and his son. This one alone makes the upcoming installment unique from the other titles in the franchise. But really, what feature should make fans totally stoked?

Well, it's no other than the brand new combat system of God of War 4. According to AttackOfTheFanboy, Cory Barlog, the game director, shared his own take on the title's battle system. For him, it's all but fun and satisfying.

Sure, aside from God of War 4, almost all installments in the franchise present a very intense combat play. However, the latest title should be an exception. Why? It's said to feature a combat style in a fast-paced action, one that is "satisfying as hell to play." In fact, the development of it is still on a process, as the developers intend to finalize everything as soon as the official release date nears.

In God of War 4, players will get to experience and value the essence of teamwork -- courtesy of the great Kratos and his son, of course. That in every challenges they'll meet, they have to work hand in hand in order to succeed. Without a doubt, this is something that the previous titles didn't feature.

Apart from the intensity of God of War 4 in terms of battles, it'll also offer a soft side. It's basically the relationship between a father and a son. That, in one way or another, will be tested as they travel in a land where they are complete strangers. It's worth noting that GOW4 veers away from the titular Greek Mythology, taking the franchise to Norse mythos.

God of War 4 is slated to hit the shelves come fall next year. It'll be first made available for PlayStation 4 (time exclusive).

What are your thoughts on God of War 4 and its upcoming features? What are your expectations for the game? Be sure to share it with us by using the comment section below!

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