Twitter Says Bye To Its Stone Age Character Limit Rules, New Update To Arrive Mid-September

Twitter users may have been longing for longer tweet limits since day one. However, the platform may have been pretty firm on its decision to keep tweets short. Luckily, the platform developers worked on the issue by updating the rules counting the characters used in the tweets. This goes without saying that the character limitation is still at 140. Twitter is simply changing which characters are safe from being counted.

Twitter's New Character Limitation Rules

As per TheVerge, the platform is removing counts for media attachments, links and quoted tweets. Furthermore, usernames at the beginning of the tweet will also be safe from eating up the character limit. Basically, the character count will only be applied to the 'message' itself and not on the added media.

This is just one of the changes imposed by Twitter upon character counts over the past years. Before, URL's also took up a large part of the 140 character limit. This even led to multiple sites operating just to shorten people's URL's until Twitter eventually added a URL shortening tool inside the platform.

Twitter Changes Release Date

According to a NextWeb report, the new changes will roll out on September 19. With that, it is interesting to know how users will use this update to make their tweeting more flexible. While this isn't exactly a groundbreaking update, it's good to know that Twitter somehow listens to its users' issues regarding the platform.

What To Expect From Twitter

Additionally, users need to keep in mind that Twitter is unlikely to increase its character count by a huge amount. If the company does that, the whole platform would be changed, ditching its original identity and it can lead the site to become a Facebook copycat.

Right now, Twitter is making the website more and more useful to its users without sacrificing what makes the platform special. But if Twitter is going to apply more changes in the future, hopefully, the company includes more security features to keep people from abusing the website.

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