'Mass Effect: Andromeda' News: Bioware Is Giving You The Chance To Do A Voice-Over, Details Here!

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is seeking out  fans for a chance to win a voice-over contest in the video game published by Bioware.

The stage of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" contest will start on September 12 and end on September 28 with Canada-based video game developer instructing would-be-participants provide a recorded vocal take (or video take) of their choice from two preferred scripts, as reported in Releases.

Winners for the Bioware contest will then be decided by the quality of the voice along with the overall performance and how the delivery harmonizes with the flair of the Mass Effect video game franchise. Interested voice talents should also take note that, "no accents, makeup, costumes, or props are necessary: just a recording of you speaking in your natural voice," were strictly mentioned in the rules.

The two scripts of choices will range from taking in the role of Jordan Tate,  who is portrayed as trying to be an expert analyst of the natural life in Andromeda; while an undisclosed character dwells on being a "Tough Mercenary". The latter is said to be talking over the undesirable comings and goings in Andromeda.

The potential two winners of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" contest dubbed as "Explorers Wanted," will then have a chance to visit any of the following Bioware recording locations in Edmonton, Canada; Los Angeles, California; or London, United Kingdom. This includes a round-trip economy/coach class airfare and 2 nights and 3 days of hotel accommodation in a hotel near the studio.

Interested fans can join the contest by clicking on the link here.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is an upcoming action role-playing third-person shooter video game will be published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Despite being an installment of the original trilogy, this latest release is not an extension of the Bioware release. "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is the primary game in the ongoing series to focus its game-play on an open-world environment. 

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