Google Cloud Platform Counts On Machine Learning To Compete With Microsoft And Amazon

By Victor Thomson , Sep 14, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Evernote announced Tuesday, Sept. 13, that it will migrate its service to Google's public cloud platform.

Google Cloud Platform

According to Computerworld, Google has focused its efforts on developing products to appeal to larger customers and forging new strategic partnerships, under the leadership of Diane Greene, executive vice president of Google Cloud Enterprise. The high-tech giant has been able to add recently a number of key customers, including Spotify.  

In this context, a new important customer that has been won by Google's cloud public platform is Evernote. Anirban Kundu, Evernote's CTO, said that the company is interested in services for building machine learning-driven systems and high-level machine learning services.

Google's Cloud Natural Language API has been a major draw for Evernote. The tool is a service that helps parse human language in order to be understood by various apps. This kind of high-level machine learning tools provided by Google was the reason why Evernote has chosen Google Cloud Enterprise over Amazon Web Services.

Kundu said in an interview that Amazon Web Services is strong in terms of infrastructure for the machine learning, but Google has better machine learning apps. by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has echoed Kundu's assessment on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, saying that Amazon Web Services is just "working to get there," while Microsoft and Google are the leaders in cloud machine learning.

According to ZDNet, Evernote also said that when choosing a public cloud provider security was a main concern and moving to the Google Cloud will add encryption. The company plans to begin in early October synching data to new servers and is currently working with Google to finalize its architecture.

As Evernote aims to create new intelligent applications and to build on its existing popular note-taking app, machine learning tools are important to the company. Google's capabilities in machine learning could help the tech giant compete in the public cloud market, as more companies look to adopt machine learning tools.

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