For Honor 2017: An Exclusive Preview

By Joana Verdeflor , Sep 15, 2016 11:06 AM EDT

Ubisoft's "For Honor" tells a tale about ancient warriors. The setting takes you to a fictional world where you play the hero in the midst of clashing and fighting foes. You take control of battlefields and fight against enemies before encountering human-controlled warriors with immense power.

The fights are vicious, deadly, and difficult. 

The duelling is 1v1, mono y mono versus another player. It is not confirmed whether there is an option to practice duels against an A1 opponent. Duelling is more difficult when playing 4v4 matches. Aside from being unable to join forces in fighting an enemy, the map is also smaller giving the player limited space to maneuver such as dodge-rolling away or jumping to strike. Every hit counts because there are no healing spots.

According to avid gamers, the 4v4 matches are the best parts of the game's multiplayer series. The Domination mode has access to 12 different characters. There are other factions and each faction has four characters. Each character in the faction possesses a distinct role and power in the battles. Each faction has a different theme and attack method.

The domination mode requires each team to collect 1,000 points. The points are earned by killing opponents, taking frontline control, and occupying three control zones. The way to control a zone is by killing the players in the zone and standing within the zone free from enemies for thirty seconds. The zone serves as a healing point once it becomes under your team's control. 

The opposing team becomes "broken" once your team reaches 1,000 points. The winning team is the team that kills all opposing players. If the "broken" kills the opposing players however, it reduces the winning team's score to below 1,000 points. The "broken" state is then undone. 

The best round of the first five rounds win the game. Each round lasts sooner and faster than you will ever notice. 

"For Honor" is preparing for a closed alpha test

t from Sept. 15 to 18. This process is important in testing the game's capacity in handling many players. It is an invite only as of the moment. 

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