Michelle Obama Co-hosts On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show’; First Lady Goes Shopping With Ellen

Ellen is known for bringing in famous personalities on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." This time, the popular TV host Ellen just got herself a big time co-host - at least for one episode.

On Tuesday, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" was co-hosted by none other than the first lady herself, Michelle Obama.

The first lady and Ellen danced through the audience and talked about what she will miss the most about living in the White House.

"It's really the people. The girls have grown up in the White House," Obama says, referring to her daughters, Malia and Sasha. "I mean, the staff that's there, we see them every day. These are people who have helped us raise our kids. They've loved us, they've taken care of us. The minute we leave, that's it."

Obama beamingly expressed how proud she is about how her girls have grown up.

"I'm proud of them, they've really managed this so well," she says. "I mean, I just love them to death and the big thing I've always worried about was making sure that they got out of this whole. I'm just proud that they are poised, smart, intelligent young women."

The 52-year-old co-host for the day gamingly poked fun at her husband's "large ears" while doing an interview with NBA Star Stephen Curry.

Actor Bradley Cooper also made a surprise appearance, to which the first lady adorably fangirl with. The trio also posed together for a selfie on set.

Following her hosting stint, Obama also appeared in a pre-taped segment that aired on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday.

The first lady goes on a shopping trip with Ellen at CVS and things got hilarious. Ellen goofed off while taking Obama through the aisles of the store which she claims stood for "Cotton, Vaseline and Stuff." Ellen was also quick to remind the first lady that "nobody's gonna push it for you", referring to the shopping basket.

The duo had an enjoyable time at CVS, rediscovering stuff such as the Coinstar kiosk and a boxed wine. They even brought a megaphone to ask for assistance. At the end, Ellen rode the shopping basket loaded with stuff they bought while Obama pushed it on her own.

Check out the clip below and see what other trouble the two got into at CVS.

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