Google 4 Doodle: How A Simple Doodle Can Change Your Life

Google 4 Doodle is back. The annual contest by tech giant Google officially started last Wednesday.

It has been 8 years since Google started Google 4 Doodle. The competition started in United Kingdom and became increasingly popular in other countries as well.

Countries such as United States, Singapore, and India joined the doodle competition craze. Over the past years, there have been at least 100,000 entries. The competition in Singapore alone was able to receive over 30,000 entries, which was held last January 2010.

This year's theme is "What I See for the Future" . Regular kids must blend the letters G-O-O-G-L-E on their art work. A lot of prizes is at stake in this competition.

Pride, glory, and honor - just to name a few. Who doesn't want their artwork to be posted on the most popular search engine in the history? In addition to that, the overall winner will receive $30k towards scholarship in college and an outstanding amount of $50k for their schooling.

But wait, there's more! Winning the competition will give you a chance to collaborate and work with the doodlers in Mountain View, CA.

The best doodle will be selected by a panel of judges. You can vote as well by visiting their corresponding website. The said contest is until December 2, 2016. This gives the artist ample of time to visualize what their artwork would look like.

The content of the artwork must be original and should be made by kids or K12; that is. Joining the competition encourages the kids to be engaged and interactive with their surroundings by means of creating a doodle.

"We're asking kids to imagine what awaits them in the years to come and represent that vision of this year's theme: "What I see for the future ...," Google's official blog said.

Last year, Akilah Johnson,10th-grader at Eastern Senior High School in D.C won the competition.

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