Jay Z: "Gold Rush"; War On Drugs Is Atrocious

New York's finest. Arguably one of the greatest rapper ever shared his thoughts about the impending war on drugs. Shawn Carter or better known as Jay Z is not new in making headlines.

He himself is already a trademark. A successful rapper, an icon, turned entrepreneur,philanthropist, and investor has blasted his current status when he waged war on drugs.

In a short animated 4 minute video, he cited that "45 years later, it's time to rethink our policies and laws." He even called the war on drugs an "epic fail."

Jay Z recounts on how it was growing up during the 80's. Ronald Reagan "doubled down on the war on drugs that had been started by Richard Nixon in 1971." . "Drugs were bad, fried your brain," Jay Z says. "Drug dealers were monsters, the sole reason neighborhoods and major cities were failing."

It didn't stop there. As he continued pointing out about nobody wanting to talk about the social safety, schools closed due to defunding, and basically the loss of jobs. Hov, even mentioned that "young men like me who hustled became the sole villains and drug addicts lacked moral fortitude."

Racism is part of the drug wars as narrated on the video. He explains the black and latinos are the prime suspect when they mention crack cocaine. Jay Z called out the government about the discrepancy of crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

He blames the media as well about tagging the cocaine issue "as a black problem, even though white people used and sold crack more than black people". Judges were dishing out life sentences on grounds of possession and low-level drug sales, Jay Z continued.He then echoed about wealthier white americans who live freely in Manhattan, while the poor black folks in Brooklyn are thrown in jail.

Here's the video link from Jay Z's comments on War on drugs:

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