Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Sony Playstation VR

Taco Bell wants it hot. With it's newest food creation, Taco Bell entices our taste buds with its burrito-made quesadilla wrapped in a shell instead of the traditional tortilla - of course with a kick of habanero. And for those who are brave enough to take the hot seat and try the spicy quesarito, Taco Bell's $5 Big Box will certainly just be the deal for you. Now, dig into this - it may just be your ticket to getting your hands on the new Sony Playstation VR before it even hits the market. 

Taco Bell will be giving away a Playstation VR every 15 minutes everyday until October 19.  

For every purchase of a $5 Big Box (containing the new Cheddar Habanero Quesarito, a Doritos Locos Taco, a Crunchy Taco, and a medium-sized drink), a Taco Bell customer can enter the code on the side of the box with the company's website. The customer can also text the code to 72823 to check if they have won.

Each of the winners will receive a Play Station VR Launch Bundle that includes headphones, a headset, camera, two motion controllers, and a $40-Playstation store credit. 

Sony and Taco Bell will be giving away 3,360 bundles equivalent to a total worth of $1.7 million.

"Taco Bell is a brand that lives at the intersection of food and culture, and that is why we're particularly excited to be giving people the chance to be among the first to access the hottest tech this season with PlayStation VR - along with our limited edition spicy Quesarito $5 box," said Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer, Marisa Thalberg. "It's two exclusives brought together." 

Each code can only be plugged once a day. The contest will run from Sept. 15 to Oct. 19.

Aside from getting codes, customers can also access codes by mailing a request code or requesting a code online starting Oct.5. 

PlayStation VR will officially launch on Oct. 13. However, Taco Bell confirms that giveaway winners will receive their prices as early as Oct. 11.

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