Pokemon Go Plus: What You Need To Know About The New 'Pokemon Go' Add-On

By Angela Laguipo , Sep 16, 2016 05:20 PM EDT

Pokemon Go Plus has officially been launched today at a standard price of $34.99, but with its high demand, the stocks are sold outside of Nintendo's official store at twice or thrice the original price.

Amid the waning interest of users in the global hit game "Pokemon Go," there's still quite a number of active players who get all the more excited with Nintendo's new Pokemon Go Plus add-on. Reports say that since its release, the accessory is selling out across the globe like hot potatoes.

This just shows that both kids and kids at heart are still into the Pokemon fever, which started about two decades ago. Pokemon Go Plus is a peripheral for Pokemon Go, the mobile game that has taken the Android and Apple markets by storm. However, it offers new things. First off, it can be worn as a bracelet band or as a pin attached on clothes. No, this is not a smartwatch because it can only be used in conjunction with the Pokemon Go app.

The Bluetooth-enabled devices enable users and gamers to play the game without actually bringing out their phones. When it detects a nearby PokeStop or a Pokemon, it starts to vibrate or enable its blinking LED light.

The good thing is, it won't drain the phone's battery life, which is one of the concerns millions of Pokemon Go players worldwide have voiced out. Another plus, you can use the Pokemon Go Plus even with the phone locked. In fact, you can enjoy the perks of the game without removing your phone from your pocket.

Basically, you won't need your phone when you want to catch a wild Pokemon too. When it's correctly synced with your phone, you can catch a Pokemon by just pressing the button. The game itself will try to catch the Pokemon for you.

The catch? Early reports revealed that catching Pokemon with the device can be quite a daunting task. The failure rate of catching Pokemon is quite high. Some fans who have tried the device were upset that they can't catch anything not in the Pokedex yet. Another drawback is that Pokemon Go Plus does not allow the use of Great or Ultra Balls.

For many players, they have yet to see what the new "Pokemon Go" add-on can do to make their Pokemon hunting experience more fun and exciting. 

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