‘Westworld’ Is An ‘Intellectual Nightmare’ Not The New ‘Game Of Thrones’

By Jen Aguilar , Sep 17, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

“Game Of Thrones” is arguably one of the best creations of HBO. Its fantasy drama genre has won the hearts of millions and with two seasons left, the phenomenal series will mark its conclusion.

When “Westworld” tv adaptation had a taste of its official announcement, the press and long – time followers of “Game of Thrones” were quick to associate the two series.

A previous report of iTech Post mentioned that the Anthony Hopkins led show will be the greatest rival of “GOT” in the aspect of sexual violence as nudity is commonly exposed and has become a household name.
Both shows may have nakedness and brutality as requirements of their storylines but no, “Westworld” is not the new “Game Of Thrones.” It is an “intellectual nightmare.”

"It's science fiction, it's a Western, it's an existential drama and an intellectual nightmare," lead star Evan Rachel Wood related to Rolling Stone.

"And I've never really read or seen anything quite like this — including the movie. And for those of us playing the hosts, it was also like the Acting Olympics: 'I need you to have a panic attack, and then I need you to be in character, and then I need you to go into computer mode, and then I need you to breathe, and then I need you to be downloading ...,' robotic host Dolores Abernathy elaborated.

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and wife Lisa agreed to J.J. Abrams offer of transforming Michael Crichton’s movie into a tv show in one condition: they want to apply major changes.

"Humans are the heroes in the movie. We wondered, 'What if we flipped it? What if we make the robots the good guys, and people are the ones who are horrible and fucked up?'" Jonathan said.

And yes, they did it amazingly. The first episode reveals a tormenting rape scene which caused the viewers to be perplexed because the victim is not a human, it is an android instead. One would really be in deep sorrow and pity for the robot (Wood) whose brain is always reset to experience the same ugly action repeatedly.

Brace yourselves for this thought provoking show that will let you doubt whether you're a human or not.

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